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Karen Lipman
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Karen Lipman’s passion for fine art is contagious. Whether you chat with her at a gallery opening or connect through her artwork, she exudes kindness and a will to share. Art buyers purchase a K. Lipman painting as much as they simply desire her life's mission to inspire others through art. She has been met with health challenges since she was in her 20's but continues create. Karen wants to show others to never stop believing that you can make an impact by using the gifts God gave only you.

I believe her intent is apparent simply by browsing he online gallery and witnessing her unique use of happy, vivid colors and her playful compositions. It is her intent to draw you in, to stimulate your mind. Her world view, that "all is possible" Captivating you directly through her acrylic, watercolor, oils, and digital art make Karen tick. But having her artwork valued by others, for the inspiration it provides them daily is her true reward. "I've been given many chances to either give up or power on. Faith is my motivator to believe I can help others by being fearless with my art and not given in to depression, or fibromyalgia, or heart disease.

Karen has lived in Cincinnati, Ohio most of her life and proudly calls “Cincy” her hometown. She studied art at the University of Cincinnati, Design, Art and Architecture Program, at Central Academy of Commercial Art and The Art Institute of Atlanta. Being selected to be one of the initial seven employees hired to launch a local business publication in 1984, Karen helped design The Cincinnati Business Courier that we know today. Karen later moved on from The Courier when she embarked into her entrepreneurial journey. her work has been part of the marketing efforts of P&G, Mercy Health Services, Kroger Inc., Hensley Homes and M/I Homes.

She has gone the traditional route of working from The Loveland Artist Studios on Main in Loveland, Ohio as well as showcasing her work at the downtown Pendlelton Art
Center. Today Karen enjoys the nurturing environment of her home studio to product her latest art collections. and this website to showcase her gallery. Friends call her home a giant treehouse since it is nestled in the woods overlooking the critters that peak in her windows to say hello. The peaceful setting is like no other. She counts her blessings often.

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“Once I took the leap into freelance design, I was hooked on the diverse range of commercial work I was producing and loved meeting the creative needs of my clients. Their appreciation fueled the fire in my belly for entrepreneurship.”

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